Custom Designed Range Hoods. Custom Copper Range Hoods,  Custom Brass, Stainless Steel or Decorator Color Range Hoods. Any Design, Any Metal, Any Size, Any Finish!

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home where friends and family prepare meals, relax and spend time together shouldn’t it be decorated to fit your personal style and be just as beautiful as the rest of your living area? Rangecraft range hoods remove unwanted cooking smoke and vapors quickly and quietly. RangeCraft range hoods become the “Focal Point” of the kitchen and are considered a “Work of Art” and often referred to as “Jewelry in the Kitchen”.  In 2016, RangeCraft entered into an exclusive agreement with Swarovski  Crystal to further enhance RangeCraft Custom Designed Range Hoods.

For over three decades, RangeCraft has been a leading industry manufacturer of high quality, Custom Range Hoods. RangeCraft’s Custom Made Range Hoods are available in over 25 product designs in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Custom designed copper range hoods, custom designed brass range hoods and custom designed stainless steel range hoods are popular choices as well as powder coated decorator colors. Decorative bands, rivets, buttons and pot rails are options that dress up the range hood. RangeCraft also offers Cabinet Inserts for Wood Hoods for Kitchen Ventilation specially designed ventilation units that fit inside an existing custom made wood cabinet . Cabinet inserts contain fans, as well as speed controls and lights. We can also create and manufacture a Custom Range Hood Designed Just for You!  Each Rangecraft range hood is made one at a time, with superior craftsmanship to the highest quality standards. At RangeCraft, we specialize in individual orders, either standard designs or creates Custom Made Range Hoods to your design ideas. RangeCraft range hoods are Made in America by trained artisans in our own factory here in New Jersey. They are manufactured with powerful quiet fans, halogen lights and exquisite finishing detail.   For more information call I-877-RCHOODS




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